Effective puppy training and dog obedience training should be fun for both the dog and the human! Imagine if you could create the dog of your dreams simply by “playing” with your dog every day!

World champion dog agility trainer Susan Garrett has proven that by focusing on training your dog with the skills needed to create a well behaved family pet, you are also laying the foundation for a phenomenal performance dog...regardless if your interest is in dog agility, dog obedience or any other dog sport!

Susan’s philosophy is to focus on what you “want” from your dog, rather than what you don’t want. Here at “Say Yes,” we live in the land of “do.” In traditional dog training, we were told in order to get a dog to stop doing something, we should tell them "no" - "Don't jump!" or "Don't run away!" Susan’s approach, successfully used by thousands of people world wide, has demonstrated that you will have more long term success with your dog when you use games and reinforcement to convince him that what YOU want him to do is exactly what HE wants to do!

Leave the world of verbal threats and physical corrections behind and say “yes” to positive training here in the “Land of Do"!

Say Yes Dog Training
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