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Susan Garrett’s 2x2 Weave Pole Training, 12 Poles in 12 Days (DVD) Testimonials

Weave pole training has been an evolving skill at All Dog Playskool.  I have trained many different methods over the last 10 years starting with channels and moving to guides.  Since I have many students who compete and title, I am always looking for “new and improved” methods., Two years ago I saw the 2X2 method at Skills Camp and came home to teach Jody (15months old) her weaves. In a week she had amazing weaves with rear crosses and front crosses.  When I realized I could also leave her in the weaves, I became a believer. The challenge came when I wanted to incorporate the 2x2 method into my agility program. I started with students who were ready to begin weaves in private lessons. The spectacular results encouraged me to challenge my instructors to test it out in classes. I was most encouraged when I took on students who were competing but the dogs weren't making entries or the handler had to babysit the weaves, never able to get out ahead or fade away. Retraining went quickly and the dog seemed to say, "Why didn't you tell me it was a series of gates!!"  When my students go to trials they are not left trying to figure out an entry or approach to the next sequence because they have stay with the dog until the last pole. I love it when a student comes to me ready to do weaves, commits to a week of short lessons, and leaves with an understanding of how to challenge the dog in all aspects of the obstacle.

Cindy Briggs
Richmond, VA

Sticking with non-traditional breeds, I’m now training my highly distractible 1+year old Eskie pup, Ketch’um. Having become a convert to shaping, I have used Susan Garrett’s 2x2 method for weave poles exclusively. The results have been unbelievable, from any angle. To make a long story short, my primary challenge now with weave poles is finding increasingly creative ways to make Ketchum miss so that I can reinforce his correct entry.  But wait, Susan’s ebook and DVD (I presume) provide lot’s of ideas for that as well.  Bring on the weave poles!
 Lynne Schroeder, New Jersey

Thank you Susan!! I had previously trained Emma with weave-a-matics and although she was managing her way through the poles, she never really figured out a rhythm that worked and was still more or less just ambling through the poles. We started the 2x2 method and it really helped her to be able to understand how to find and drive to the next pole. The increase in her motivation for weaving was noticeably different within just a few sessions with the 2x2's. This method helped her to understand the exercise of weaving much more thoroughly from the entry right through to the twelfth pole! And all this in an incredibly short period of time.

Cassie Levy and Emma.

Five years ago I trained my first dog using the 2 X 2 method.  He is
probably the most famous weaving dog in Canada!  Pande is a Giant Schnauzer
and oversize for his breed.  The enthusiasm and speed at which he attacks
the weaves necessitates that I carry extra weave poles to events to replace
those that he bends or breaks.  At a Nationals Gamble his understanding of
how to weave was deep enough to allow him to complete the obstacle properly
a second time, even though a pole had spiralled off the base in the first
pass and was completely missing.  We were awarded the points both times.  I
wish I had a dollar for everybody who has said to me they wish their dog
weaved like mine  ;-)

Ever since I worked through the process with Pande, I have used the 2 X 2
method with all my students dogs.  Without exception, I find 2 X 2's to be a
quick, easy and fun way for handlers to teach their dog the complexities of
a very difficult obstacle. It's the only way to go in my opinion! Thanks

Can't wait for the DVD!!!!

Arlene Lehmann
Stouffville, Ontario

Having experienced the "Velcro" dog in the weavepoles, where they didn't understand their job without me being in arms length, and heaven forbid I was OFFSIDE!!! I was more then excited to learn about Susan's 2x2 method.  At my first 2 x 2 clinic; within moments, my little mixed breed was looking to bend around the first set and drive to a second - I found myself encouraged to try all sorts of entries and he got them without a doubt.  The melding to six straight poles was pretty quick and before I knew it, we were doing 12.  I was hooked…….and have since trained all my dogs using this method.

The independent performance encouraged by the 2x2 is noteworthy hence; putting the full picture together can be quick.  As long as you do your homework correct; this method is pretty bomb proof.  From working on weave-a-matics that took a long time to get the "end" pic and still, I never developed the same level of understanding of entries..........it's 2x2 all the way for my students and I.

Sarah Mairs-Heaslip
Tamsu Learning Center
Tottenham, Ontario

I used the 2 x 2 method with my young Sheltie "Brigs".  It was the first time I had tried this method - my older 2 dogs were taught by a combination of channel wires and slanted poles. I was amazed at how quickly Brigs clued in on the desired behaviour.   It was very easy to get him going through 1 set of poles, and then when I added the 2nd set, he totally got it.   He was weaving through 6 poles with speed and accuracy within 6 weeks.   My older dogs had taken 6 months to learn how to weave. The method teaches the dogs independent performance and accurate entries right from the start, which is essential to be competitive in today's agility world. One clarification with this method that really helped me and Brigs was clearly identifying (and using!)a consistent reward zone.    What a difference that made! I have another reason for liking the 2 x 2 method... I don't have my own agility field, but I could set up 2 sets of 2 x 2's in my living room and have short little practices every day.

Cathy Taylor & Brigs
Toronto, Ontario


My first three agility dogs (Keeshonden Ramsey and Pixie, and Border Collie
Remy) were taught the weave poles using the channel method with guide wires
with good success.  The method did take several months to teach basic
weaving skills and months after that to teach difficult entries and
distance work.

I was introduced to the 2 x 2 weave pole method when I started training my
Border Collie Presto. The method just seemed to make so much sense because the shaping process is straightforward and all the skills and proofing are built into the process from the start.  The method seemed much more practical to me than trying to
shape an entire set of weaves. I was thrilled with the how quickly Presto learned the poles using the 2x2 method and absolutely amazed at his understanding of difficult weave entries and independent performance.  No doubt my future dogs will be trained using the 2x2 method.

Terry Smorch,
Lake Elmo, MN

I have trained 2 non-traditional dogs (soon to be 3) as well as helped train 2 other people to use this method.

First I trained a Scottish Terrier to love her poles as well as  a Giant Schnauzer. The best part of this method is the
speed and understanding the dogs have - they can find entries, drive thru and work the obstacle without me - this allows
me to get along down the line. My 2 friends both have Aussies and their weaves are amazing - they are fast and reliable
with the one youngest being able to make incredible entries all the while doing it with speed and enthusiasm

Kellie Verrelli

Lake Worth, Florida

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