With the rapidly evolving sport of agility Susan Garrett has been transitioning her handling bit by bit to keep her competitive edge. While teaching and competing in Europe for the past 5 years Susan has been studying the dangers and opportunities of a European style of communication around a course.  Today Susan's handling style reflects the changes she has adopted which is allowing her to maximize the the strengths of her and her dogs. During this lecture Susan will detail the goals of her handling and what skills she feels all dog and handlers will benefit by in order to transition into the team you have always dreamed of being.

Workshop Location details are below:\

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For on-site information, please feel free to contact Dianne Ford (Agility Training Director for NADA) at AgilityDir.Ford AT nfldathleticdog DOT com or by phone: +1-709-368-1466.
Newfoundland Athletic Dog Assoc., Inc. Arena, which is the white coverall building on Clovelly Lane, Logy Bay, NL
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The NADA Arena is located in the town of Logy Bay, which is just 10-12 minutes from downtown St.John's, NL, and 7-10 minutes from the St.John's International Airport. Please note NADA Arena is located on an equestrian facility, and safety of the horses and riders is of top priority. Please drive slowly (walking speed) on the premises, and always have your dog on leash while on the property. Also, dog owners are expected to clean after their dogs on site as well.

The training facility is a sand-based flooring in an unheated coverall building. Given the fog and possibility of icebergs, we recommend you pack layers of clothing and a dog sheet. It isn't "cold" but it can be a cool Canadian spring. The lecture room is a heated room.

For on-site information, please feel free to contact Dianne Ford (Agility Training Director for NADA) at AgilityDir.Ford AT nfldathleticdog DOT com or by phone: +1-709-368-1466.

How to get there:

*May-June is the season of icebergs and fog. Please book your travels with a grace period in case of departure/arrival delays.*

To get to St.John's, NL, you will need to cross the Atlantic ocean. The fastest and most reliable way is by airplane. WestJet, Air Canada, and Continental/United Airlines fly into St.John's (direct from Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, London (UK), and Newark (US)). Porter also flies into St.John's, but it is unknown if they allow or are able to carry dogs in the bellies of the plane. Upon arrival, you will need a car. Taxis are available at the airport, but if you are travelling with a dog, some might not want one is the car. Car rentals are available at the airport. *Book your rental as soon as possible to ensure you have one (there are limited numbers of rental cars in St.John's).*

If flying is not your thing, the other option is ferry, with Marine Atlantic: Departures from the mainland are from North Sydney, NS and arrive to NL at Portes-aux-Basque, and will require a wonderfully scenic 10hr drive on the island to reach St.John's. There is a longer ferry (shorter drive) to Argentia, but it is seasonal, and does not appear to be operating that time of year (likely due to the icebergs). To book the ferry with a dog, you will need to phone Marine Atlantic.

Where to Stay information:

Dog Friendly Hotels:

Fairmont Newfoundland
115 Cavendish Square
St. John's, NL, A1C 5W8

Holiday Inn (closest to airport and NADA arena)
180 Portugal Cove,
St John's, NL, A1B 2N2

Dog Friendly Campsites:
Pippy RV Park (~7-10 minute drive from NADA arena)
34 Nagles Place
St John's, NL A1B 3X2

Where to eat:
St. John's is blessed with a huge variety of restaurants, ranging from the traditional Fish'n'Chips restaurant (e.g., Ches's, serving fresh cod), to vegetarian and vegan restaurants (The Sprout on Duckworth St. and Hummus Hut on Water St.), Indian/Pakistan (India Gate on Duckworth / International Flavors on Signal Hill Rd), Newfoundland cuisine (lunch room at the Rooms on Military Rd; Bacalao on Merchant Rd), to one of the top gourmet restaurants in Canada (Raymond's on Water St.)