(also see "Deposits into the Perfect Recall Account")

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with ways to "test"your dog's understanding of his cue to "come to you". Following is a list to give you some suggestions when your imagination falls short.


Park with kids on climbers, playing soccer or just running Sheep, birds, rats, horses
Door bell ringing Balls being thrown/rolled
Dogs in crates near by Good smells on the ground
Dogs on leash near by Eating things from the ground (like horse poops)
Dogs running loose near by Bunnies in the woods
Dogs doing flyball near by Bicyclists
Toys all over the floor Rollerbladers
Food in containers on a chair Toboggans
Food in containers on the floor Nail clipping time
Food scattered all over the floor Another family pet out playing
Squirrels running in a park Another family member walking away
Squirrels running in your yard Another family member feeding another family pet
A thrown toy like a flying disc in mid-air Obstacles in the way between handler and dog
Squealing children (no need to hurt the children in order to set this one up) New environment—different training building, friend’s back yard
A cat running by You standing still, not moving at all, when you are calling and waiting
The opportunity to swim (near open water) Empty dinner bowl on the floor
A delivery man (or mail man) walking by Full dinner bowl on the floor
A remote-control driven car, driving by Opening of the front door
Stuffed things, I love stuffed things Hose, sprinkler, running water


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