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"Building the Team" is an awesome one-of-a-kind ebook that is being launched as a fundraiser to help defray the expenses of Canadian teams going overseas to compete at World Championships events. All of the profits from the sale of this ebook are being turned over to the FCI and the IFCS teams. This is a collection of articles everyone is going to want to own. Written by three of the most widely respected gurus of their time, never before has an offering like this linked them all together. "Buidling the Team" is an assortment of articles that have appeared in Clean Run Magazine, over the past few years. For the first time ever you get all of these articles in one handy downloadable reference ebook divided into three individual sections; each one of critical importance to anyone with an interest in performance sports.

The advantage of the ebook format is that not only are there no shipping charges, but you can get INSTANT access to your purchase, no waiting for delivery!

This collection is not only for all of the agility folk out there, both Susan Salo and Susan Garrett's articles will be of great interest to anyone planning to participate in any performance dog sports. Within your new "Building the Team" ebook you will find:

Susan Salo's jumping section which includes seven articles individual articles specific to jump training. There absolutely is something for everyone here; from starting the puppy to jump design, the content of this section will be a much referred to reference for years to come.

Greg Derrett's three part series includes the hows and whys of positional cues, front crosses and deceleration cues used by everyone in agility. Regardless of your level of commitment to Greg's handling system, just working through the described exercises alone will give invaluable feedback to every agility handler on the planet!

In Susan Garrett's five part series on "Starting as a Team" series there are close to 20 different games you can play in or around the ring to keep your dog's focus on their work and minimize the distractions found around the ring. The articles where written to help both the over-aroused seemingly out-of-control-dog as well as the dog that has difficulties dealing with the stress of a highly charged environment.

Even if you are a long time Clean Run subscriber having all fifteen of these articles in one handy reference will be an incredible resource to all performance dog sport enthusiasts regardless of their level of commitment to agility.

Thanks to Greg Derrett, Susan Salo and Susan Garrett for making their work available for this project, but a special thanks also goes to Monica Percival at Clean Run for making this all possible.

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