The Say Yes program is built upon the principles of learning utilizing both operant and classical conditioning. Although the learning theories are constant, the program itself is always evolving and improvements continously implemented as Susan and her team develops new ways to make learning faster and easier for dogs and humans alike.   The following is a list of the Say Yes instructors that have stayed current with Susan's fast moving program. Susan Garrett's biography is available here, and the biography links below will take you to the biographies of the specific instructors.

Susan shares her life with fellow dog enthusiast, John Blenkey, Together John and Susan own and operate Say Yes Dog Training Inc., located in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.


Lynda Orton-Hill (biography)
Penny Hewitt
Blanche Cooper (biography)
Andrea Guindon
Christine Boisvert
Jane Book

Susan Garrett

Keeping Our Dogs in Great Shape!

Dr. Leslie Woodcock, DVM; Veterinary Rehab Specialist

Dr. Annette Langlois Human and Animal Chiropractor


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