Please review the list of all the things your dog may view as a "true" reward. You may like to believe affection from you is a real turn on but that doesn't necessarily mean you dog agrees. Circle your dog's motivators and then add them to your list ranking them "A", "B", or "C".


Apples Basketballs
Bacon Ball on a rope
Beef wieners Bicycle tires
Beef Jerky Boat bumpers
Bread crust Boomer balls
Butchers bones Braided tug
Canned cat food Buoys
Carrots Burlap sacks
Cheese Whiz Bungee toys
Chicken Cow Milker Inflation Back scratch
Chicken wieners Fleece pieces Barking session
Cheese Frisbees Belly rub
Cooked pasta Furry Mouse Car Rides
Cooked mussels Gumabone Carpet rolls
Croutons Hockey pucks Chase the laser spot
Crackers Jolly Ball Chase games
Crumbled ground beef Kongs Chasing their tail
Dog biscuits Leashes Clapping & cheering
Dried liver Nylabone Cuddling
Dehydrated lamb lung Other Tug Toy (Any...) Flyball
Dehydrated beef jerky Protective sleeves Get in the kennel
Dehydrated tripe treat Puppy tugs Get out of the kennel
Eating dinner Riot Tugs Go into the house
Freeze dried liver Rocks Get out of the car
French fries Rope tugs Go out of the house
Greenies Sock with ball Hair Dryer chasing
Hamburger Snowballs Hand Targeting
Hard boiled eggs Squeaky toys Heeling
Homemade Tuna Treats Squishy ball Herding: Sheep, fish
Hot dogs Squash ball Hose-chasing water
Ice cream Sticks Hunting mice, rats
Ice cubes Street hockey balls On the couch/bed
Kibbled dog food Stuffed Animals Park (gotothe)
Lambroll Target stick Play with other dogs
Liver cookies Tennis balls Play with the cats
Peanut butter   Play with Kids
Pizza crust PERFORMING AGILITY Pulling sleds
Popcorn Weaves Ratting
Pureed liver Tunnels Running in Sprinkler
Sausages Frame Running off leash
Sardines Seesaw Praise from me
Steak Dog Walk Retrieving
String cheese Jumps Scratching back
Water to drink Table Shredding Paper
  Chute Snow shoveling
    Soccer balls chasing
  TRICKS Swimming
  Weaving legs Trip to Training class
  Jumping in arms Tracking
  Rolling over Tugging on you
  Backing up Vacuum (chasing it)
  Right side heel Watching TV
  Shake-a-paw Walk (gofora)
  Play Dead Wrestle Session with you
  Spin-a-round You running, whooping



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