Mary Ellen Barry



Mary Ellen's popularity as a seminar presenter has grown due to her ability to break things down for students and explain and clarify concepts.  She has an excellent eye and is able to pinpoint simple training exercises for handlers to work on at home to improve coursework.

Mary Ellen has been involved in dog training for 12 years.  She has achieved an ADCH with 2 border collies, 11 year old Zoe and 6 year old Fizz (who earned her ADCH before her 3rd birthday).  Mary Ellen and Fizz represented the USA at the 2006 IFCS World Championships in the Netherlands where they earned 6 placements including 3 Gold Medals.  Both Fizz and Zoe have earned numerous placements at national events and have been Grand Prix and Steeplechase finalists, respectively.  Mary Ellen has also competed at the national and masters level with 12 year old Zack, now retired and is currently training her 2 year old Border Collie, E-Z. 

Mary Ellen is a regular contributor to Clean Run Magazine.  In addition to teaching at Say Yes! camps, she has also taught at both Clean Run and Power Paws camps.  She operates KineticDog, LLC with her husband George, which offers private lessons and seminars in agility.  She has attended 3 levels of Bailey and Bailey Behavior Workshops.  Like the rest of the Say Yes! clan, Mary Ellen's methods are all positive and are taught using operant conditioning.


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